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Unable LUN after NDMPcopy




I'm migrating some LUNs provided to Windows hosts from one filer to another.

ONTAP is 8.2.4P6 7-Mode


I successfuly migrate LUN by "ndmpcopy":

ndmpcopy -da root:<password> /vol/vol_test_01/S137B301_test_lun_001.lun Filer2:/vol/vol_test_001/S137B301_lun_test_002.lun


I see lun as a file on a destination filer. No, I want unmap LUN from source and map it from destination filer.

No torubles with unmap. But how can I online and map LUN from destination filer?


When I tried just "lun online", it give error that no such LUN exist:

lun online /vol/vol_test_001/S137B301_lun_test_002.lun
lun online: /vol/vol_test_001/S137B301_lun_test_002.lun : No such LUN exists


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