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7mode snapmirror version for source and destinations

I'm aware of the rule that one's 7mode Snapmirror  destination ONTAP version must be higher than source, but wondering whether this applies to P number too ?


So, i have a large , thousands of users cifs / nfs filer running presently 824P4, which a slew of source snapmirror filers on 8.1.2P4. 


I'm in process of upgrading all of this estate and more to 824P6. 


Question is am i able to update my snapmirror sources to 824P6 and leave the single destination at 824P4 ?  


Would a difference in patch # break snapmirror ?






Re: 7mode snapmirror version for source and destinations

Hi JC,


This rule applies to the major version of Data ONTAP. So creating a volume snapmirror relationship between Data ONTAP 8.2.4P4 and Data ONTAP 8.2.4P6 will work fine, as well as reversing the relationship.


You can even create a snapmiror relationship from Data ONTAP 8.2.4 to 8.2.1.


I hope this helps!




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