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lun pah for mapping




I am new to Netapp and have a very naive question.The organization is planning to run DR test . I am following a an old doc on mapping luns to igroups created.


I would like to know how the  lun path is defined . Its cluster mode and this wil be run on the DR cluster .



> lun map -vserver svmt1 -lun /vol/hq_t0_dd01_mirror/hq_t0_dd01 -igroup DR_IGROUP -lun-id 4


is it something like /vol / volume name / lun name . Can I be sure there is no qtree for the lun ?  also, is there a commnd  to identify the LunID for the volume .

Kindly clarify





There is no qtree for luns in CDOT, for lun id just type "lun show -m -path /vol/vol_name/lun_name" for one lun or "lun show -m" for all luns and if you want to know more details of the lun type "lun show -instance -path /vol/vol_name/lun_name".  If you are using snaphots integrated with applications the recomendation is to have one lun per volume.


hope that helps.




Miguel Valls

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