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Unable to Mount volume created in SVM to XenCenter SR




I have a FAS2552/XenServer combo running in my environment. I currently do have 1 SVM created and have volumes attached as Xen's SR. 


I created a second network interface under the same subnet but different IP, created a new SVM, copied the policies over and I'm unable to mount it. The error just states, there was an error and to check my settings. From the XenServer itself I can ping the IP that was assigned to the new Network Interface on the NetApp.



Hi there,


Depending on how you created the SVM, check that the NFS or iSCSI service is running for that SVM - each SVM needs it setup or turned on and by default it may not be.


Hope this helps!


Hi Alan,


The NFS service is turned on.


Can you run showmount and rpcinfo against the old and new IPs from your client system?


We have this troubleshooting document that may help - https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka31A000000148aQAA/triage-template-how-to-diagnose-clustered-data-ontap-nfs-issues?language=en_US


I just tried to run both commands and they both state they "are not recognized commands"


You need to run them from the Linux system - are you doing that?


This is what I get when I run it against the new network interface that won't mount. When I run it against the other one, it just hangs.


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