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Unable to autogrow SVM DR Volumes


Hi all,

So we have recently migrated to ONTAP9.3 and used the 7 Mode Migration tool to transfer the volumes to our shiny new SANs.


All has migrated successfully and we have our SVMs (DR and PROD) volumes on our new SANs. However we ran into problems when we expanded a production volume and the DR volume had not expanded. This resulted in our snapmirror relationship being in an unhealthy state as there is not enough space on the DR volume to receive the updates.


The autogrow setting on the DR volume is off which I guess was on the old SAN DR volume as this setting was not set during the migration.


I have tried to resize the DR volume and change the autogrow setting but the system just says "This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is configured as the destination for identity preserve Vserver DR."


Is there any way to enable the autogrow setting or resize a DR volume, any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Re: Unable to autogrow SVM DR Volumes


I know it's an old post, but for everyone that comes here for the same question, here's your answer:


On the secondary:

cluster:>>set  -priv diag

cluster:*>>vserver config override -command "volume modify -vserver xyz  -volume  *  -autosize-mode  grow_shrink"


And that's how you can modify all other volume options.

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