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Unable to remove foreign aggr OnTap


Hello all,

   I have a issue I am unable to get around and wanted to see if anyone could provide insight.


We brought over a couple of SSD shelves from a different OnTap installation and ofcourse when we hooked it up the system found foreign aggergates that we were able to remove using:


storage aggregate remove-stale-record -nodename

However we have an aggregate that is online and I can't take the aggregate offline because the aggreage has volumes.


I go to take the volumes offline but recieve the message:


storage node run -node "nodename" -command vol offline "volname"


cannot run command on clustered volume.


Unfortunantly the current cluster doesn't see the volume or aggregate so I have to go through the node itself.


Any suggestions on how I can take both the aggregate and volumes offline so that I can remove and reclaim the disk?


Re: Unable to remove foreign aggr OnTap




Thank you for reaching NetApp community. As i understand your query that you have brought over SSD shelves from another Ontap setup right?


It happened to me last time in terms of NetApp called it as Bad Memory Condition try cluster failover and a cluster giveback during the failover the problematic node would reboot and clear the bad memory condition and after try to offline the volumes/aggregates as needed. 


Please do let us know the outcome.






Re: Unable to remove foreign aggr OnTap




I wonder if the cluster is otherwise healthy? Are there any errors when you execute commands such as

::> cluster show


::*> cluster ring show


If the cluster doesn't show any other problem indications (aka RPC errors when you do a cluster ring show), then I might try a takeover and giveback to verify/clear if ONTAP got stuck in a bad memory condition which as a result doesn't let you put the volume offline. Rebooting the offending node might help.


But I'd also ask NetApp support for help. Don't just do a takeover/giveback because some guy on the Internet told you so.


Good luck.



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Re: Unable to remove foreign aggr OnTap


Hi Florian, 


I am glad that you have given the right answer on this thread. For your kind information i am not just a random guy on internet but i am a NetApp enthusiast and member of NETAPP UNITED

i earned it by contributing to NetApp community since the begining of my career. I have read the book "How to castrate a Bull" by Dave Hitz and i closely follow all NetApp updates, PODCASTS and releases. 






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