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Unable to revert lif to its home

I have 1 lif that is not home and I am unable to revert it back using:


network interface revert -vserver <vserver> -lif <lif-name> 


No errors are shown after the command is run, in fact no output at all. 


network interface revert * tells me that 1 entries were acted on, however a network interface show -is-home false still shows it as 'Is Home - false'


The lif is Admin - up and Oper - Up. 


This issue come up when I was trying to validate an OnTAP upgrade and received the advise Advice:
Ensure that LIFs are on their home node.


Re: Unable to revert lif to its home

is the home port healthy? 

Re: Unable to revert lif to its home

I checked on that shortly after I posted .. and the answer is no. 


I need to check on the SFP/cabling attached to that node to see what's up. 


Thanks for your prompt reply. 



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