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Unbale to delete vserver (cDOT 8.2.1P3)




I have a bunch of vservers which are peered to a secondary site for snapvault.


I´m trying to delete two of them but keep getting error message telling me that I can´t delete a Vserver that is part of a Vserver peer or transition peer relationship.

But it´s not.


These are the steps I´ve taken.

* check and release snapmirror relationship on primary
* check and delete snapmirror relationship on secondary
* delete peer relationship (on both clusters)
* unmount namespace
* take all volumes related to vserver offline and then deleted them

* deleted the cifs server

* stopped the vserver.


But when I try to delete it , from System Manager or CLI, i get the message about peer.


When I do a vserver peer show, there is now peers on either cluster pointing to the vserver I intent to delete?


Re: Unbale to delete vserver (cDOT 8.2.1P3)


what does the vserver peer transition show ?


like this one  ?


Cluster1::> vserver peer transition show
Vserver  Source Filer  Multi Path Address
-------  ------------  -----------------

Re: Unbale to delete vserver (cDOT 8.2.1P3)


You may need to do

vserver peer transition delete -vserver  vserver_anme -src-filer-name filer_name


try it and let me know

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Re: Unbale to delete vserver (cDOT 8.2.1P3)


Thank you so very much.


This was a a legacy from a 7-mode transition we did last summer.

I checked the transition output and it pointed to an old 7-mode system.


Deleted it and now it works.


Thanks again


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