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Undo Deduped volume - v3140 - ONTAP 7.3.7P1



I have a v3140 running ONTAP 7.3.7P1 7Mode and I have a deduped volume that has hit 99% full and when I try to grow it past 4TBs I get "Selected SIS volume size is too large; maximum is 4096GB."  Dedup savings are at 11% or 450GBs and the total aggregate free space is at 1.5TBs.  If I were to undo dedup on this volume, would it safely auto grow the volume to 4546GBs or would it trash data or error out?  Is this safe to do in production?


Re: Undo Deduped volume - v3140 - ONTAP 7.3.7P1

Hi Kevin, 


WAFL never trashes data,  therefore you can undo the dedupe first and then increase the size of the volume as below.


 sis off <volname>

 sis undo <volname> 



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