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Upgrade the netapp model 2552 7mode to cluster mode


How to Upgrade the netapp model 2552 7mode to cluster mode?


we are using Netapp 2552 - 7 mode we need to upgrade the cluster mode,

what are prerequiestes to take before doing the activity.

Already we are taken the all data backup. now the box is clear.

Is it required any separate liceances ? 

Is it required take any configuration or liceanses backups?

Which is stiable C.mode verison for FAS2552 model?

Please suggest.



Do you need to add this controller to existing C-Mode cluster or you want to build completely new cluster from scratch?


build completely new cluster from scratch


Then you need cluster license. All other licenses are the same in 7-Mode and C-Mode, but you will need to re-enter them, so make sure to have license code(s) available. You will need to contact your NetApp representative how to obtain cluster license; it makes sense to also ask him about procedure to convert from 7-Mode.


No backup is needed, 7-Mode configuration is not compatible with C-Mode anyway. You will need to completely configure new system from the very beginning.


which  CMode version support for 2552 model


This information is available in HWU.




latest cDOT GA is 8.3.1 which is fine for the FAS2552 - to migrate from 7 mode to cDOT you should use the 7 Mode TransitionTool (7MTT)


1 build new cDOT cluster

2 install 7MTT on an admin server

3 migrate data using the 7MTT


you will need the docs for the 7MTT and the tool itself which you can get from the NetApp support site.




Current latest release for Fas2552 is 8.3.1P2.

If you want to switch your system to cdot it is completly disruptive as you will need to reinstall all the dataontap system.
About the license you will need a cluster based licence and all protocol ljcense or software are ysing same codes than 7 Mode (8.2+)

About the data: you will need to make a traditional restore to newly created volume (luns or shares) as the 7MTT tool require 2 systems (one 7 Mode and a Cdot as destination)

Hope that it helped