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Snapmirror Health False

When I run ::>snapmirror show -healthy false

one of my snapmirror relationships come up. What are the next steps for trouble shooting?

I tried to do a resync but its still not healthy


It's showing as Unitialized but when I try to initialize it I get an error


NFAHSSTCLUSTER01::> snapmirror initialize -source-path nfapnas04:vol_prodimage01 -destination-volume vol_prodimage01 *

Error: command failed on source-path "nfapnas04:vol_prodimage01" destination-path "nfapnas04_dr:vol_prodimage01":
       Relationship with destination "nfapnas04_dr:vol_prodimage01" is not a valid relationship for this operation because it
       is a constituent relationship of a vserver SnapMirror relationship.
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Re: Snapmirror Health False


Can you send the ouput of those 2 commands:

At DR site:

-snapmirror show -expand
-vserver status -subtype dp-destination

Here it seems that your destination vserver is using already vserver snapmirror (AKA Svm-DR) and it is still not initialize.

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