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Upgrade to 8.2.5 Renders /etc/issue Unusable


I have just upgraded all of our remaining 7-mode systems (mostly 2220s) to 8.2.5P1. I noticed afterwards that the /etc/issue files had all been erased (the file that provides a message at login). I successfully recreated them on one system, but they still don't appear at logon, unless I log on to the SP first and then enter "system console". Anyone else encounter this? Does anyone know if a bug has been submitted?



Hi there,


I can confirm I see similar behavior in the simulator - /etc/issue would show in 8.2.3, but when upgraded to 8.2.5P1 it would not.. but in the case of the simulator, the /etc/issue and /etc/motd files are still there, but only displayed on the console, not via ssh. 


Best course of action is to open a support case, and it will probably end up a BURT. If the BURT produces major compliance issues, you may be able to escalate a patch on that basis, but you will need to be very clear on why it is a compliance issue, as this is a mostly cosmetic defect.


Yep, that makes sense @AlexDawson. Thank you for the tip! I will open a case.