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Users home directories and quotas


Hi All


Hoping if someone can assist with an issue I am having with migrating home shares to a CIFS share on our NetApp FAS8020 running Ontap 8.2.1 7 mode.


I have tested migrating home shares using Robocopy to ensure permissions are retained and the good news is this part works ok. I have enforced user quotas on the qtree I have created for Home directories however once the data moves over and I map the CIFS share to a client it doesnt seem to pick up the quota for the existing files already in the share, it does however add to the quota if I add any new files into it.


So I created a 100mb quota and migrated one of home directories over which was fine but the quota in Windows showed 100mb free of 100mb. Once I filled it up with 5 X 20mb files it then activated the quota and it was full.


Is it by design that the quota wont work for exisitng files migrated over? I am assuming this is because of the way the ownership of the way the robocopy job is run?


ANy advice on this would be most appreciated.









Re: Users home directories and quotas




You have pointed the right solution. In robocopy job, there is a parameters who keep the owner of the files transfert by the robocopy job.

So you have to redo your robocopy job with the "/COPYALL" parameter.


Hope i was help.



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Re: Users home directories and quotas


Thank you, that was the answer. It was a switch that needed to be used to copy Ownership details.



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