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Vendor WWN/OUI for NetApp



I was going through another discussion about getting the WWN for the LUNs in NetApp here - https://communities.netapp.com/message/30545

As mentioned here the serial number of the LUN can be converted to a Hex value and the appending the value '60a98000' to find the WWID for the LUN to find the mapping in VMWare.

My question is this:

Looking at the IEEE list for the vendor OUIs we can see that NetApp has a few OUIs - http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/oui/oui.txt

The ones of interest to me were:

1) 600a0b80 - 00-A0-B8 - SYMBIOS LOGIC INC. - Example VMWare Mapping found - naa.600a0b800047d5880000469c502506d4

2) 60080e50 - 00-80-E5 - NetApp, Inc - Example VMWare Mapping found- naa.60080e50001bb1440000affb50e8db25

3) 600a0980 - 00-A0-98 - NetApp - Example VMWare Mapping found - naa.600a0980443331736823445147515575

4) 60a98000 - 0A-98-00 - NOT FOUND - Example VMWare Mapping found - naa.60a98000646e2f676d4a732d42556347

Do NetApp units have the Symbios OUI's in their mapping?

What is the difference between the first 3 IDs and the last one? What are the first 3 mapping meant for?

Should I assume that all LUNs exposed in VMWare will have a mapping starting with '60a98000'?




The "Original" IEEE formats are essentially a two-byte header followed by an embedded mac address contains the OUI. The first 2 bytes are either hex 10:00 or 2x:xx  followed by the 3-byte OUI and 3 bytes for a vendor-specified serial number.  The difference between NAA 1 format and NAA 2 format is merely the presence of either a zero pad or an extra 3 nibbles of vendor information.  The Registered IEEE formats dispense with padding and place the OUI immediately after the NAA. The OUI is no longer considered to be part of a MAC address. For NAA 5 format, this leaves 9 contiguous nibbles for a vendor-defined value. This is the same format used by the companion NAA 6 format, the only difference being a 16-byte number space is assumed, rather than an 8-byte number space. This leaves a total of 25 contiguous nibbles for vendor-defined values.

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