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Version Flexible SnapMirror Limitation

I am replicating content from an OnTAP Select 9.5P6 instance to a physical OnTAP 9.3P15 system. I would like to upgrade to OnTAP Select OS to 9.6P7, however I seem to recall reading somewhere that there's a limitation in "version-flexible" snapmirror jobs. Specifically, I thought I read somewhere that the version-flexible only works when separated by two versions. In this example, we're between 9.3 and 9.5 so we're good, but I'm wondering if snapmirror will break if I got to 9.6. Any ideas? (NOTE: I cannot upgrade the destination above 9.3 at the moment).


Re: Version Flexible SnapMirror Limitation

Wow that was quick @SpindleNinja ! No I had not seen that, it is very helpful! Looks like my answer is - yes I can upgrade to 9.6, but I will have to leapfrog from 9.3 to 9.5 when I upgrade 9.3 since 9.4 won't work with 9.6.

Re: Version Flexible SnapMirror Limitation

No problem.    I have that bookmarked 🙂  

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