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Hi All,


I am new to NetApp and was reading through admin guides. In "Logical Storage Management Guide" for version 8.3.2 page 17, it mentions that Language of the FlexVol volume cannot be changed. But in the KB article "https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka21A0000000bH2QAI/how-does-the-volume-language-work-with-the-storage-system?language=en_US" it talks about possibility of changing volume language. I could not find the statement that volume language cannot be changed from ONTAP 9 documentation center. Can you please help me to clarify this, can volume language be changed?



The article you referenced was 7-mode, not cDOT.


Look that command doesn't exist in cdot


filer::*> vol options vol1
"volume options" is not supported: use the "volume { show | modify }" command.


Than why ONTAP 9 documentation does not have the statement about changing volume language that it is not possible or possible?


When you create Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), the language is set for the SVM. The language of the
SVM determines the default language setting for volumes in that SVM. You can modify the language of an SVM.


You can specify the language for a volume when creating a volume and it can be different from the
language of an SVM. If you do not specify the language for a volume then it inherits the language
setting of its SVM. After the volume is created, you cannot modify the language of a volume.
Therefore, you must be aware of the available language options.


Here is the link to above info :-

ONTAP 9 Documentation Center