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Migrate volumes to disaster recovery svm with 7-mtt (7-mode to ontap 9.0)


Hi All,


We are currently migrating our storage environment from 7-mode to ONTAP 9.0 filers with the 7-mtt tool (v3.0).

For our user storage (homedirs, shares)we want to use a Disaster Recovery SVM (So we can easily DR), so i've created both the source and the destination SVM en setup the snapmirror relationship between these two.

Since i've created a DR-SVM I am unable to manage this SVM, this means that if we migrate our data to the new source filer we would have to snapmirror the data to the new destination target once again, this is something we dont want.


So.. we'd like to use 7-mtt to do the following:

7-mode --> ONTAP 9.0


7-mode --> ONTAP 9.0

However it seems like we can only sync it like:

7-mode (src) --> ONTAP 9.0 (src) --> ONTAP 9.0 (DST)

This means the data currently available on the 7-mode DST filer is unusable for migration purposes.

Since we're talking multiple TB's of data and a (very) limited bandwith between SRC and DST this is a real problem for our migration (And a potential DR issue during migration).


Is this something that the 7-mtt / ONTAP 9.0 software is capable of?



Re: Migrate volumes to disaster recovery svm with 7-mtt (7-mode to ontap 9.0)


7-Mode to Clusterd Ontap transition and Converting volume based snapmirror to SVM disaster recovery is not possible in sigle step using 7MTT.

(unless you want to replicate those data again..)


You can complete the 7-Mode to Clusterd Ontap transition using 7MTT 

then manually convert the volume based snapmirror to SVM-Disaster recovery relationship.


here is the steps for that :-



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