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Vserver filter not working while deleting the root volume




I wanted to delete the SVM with root volume only but, after it has been renamed :


I followed following steps:


1. I created one SVM

2. Renamed it 

3. Trying to delete root volume of renamed SVM


when I am trying to delete root volume, the filter for Vserver is not working when I am serching by name.



Hi Kailas, you can do this in the CLI pretty easily, just make sure you do it to a vserver that you no longer need as all settings will be destroyed and delete!!


For example vserver name = myvserver


::> volume offline -vserver myvserver -volume myvserver_rootvol

::> volume delete -vserver myvserver -volume myvserver_rootvol

::> vserver delete -vserver myvserver


You can then go back into the gui and refresh your svm list and it should be gone.

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