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What determines a AD DC discovered status

Looking at a customers CIFS SVMs we note that some of the DCs connected to the SVM report as slow an one unavailable.


Is there any detail about these conditions and what tests the SVM uses to determine the condition of a discovered server.  i.e. if a DC is labled as slow, what is the definition of slow that has been used?

Possible DC statis results










Re: What determines a AD DC discovered status

Hi Steve,


Without looking through ONTAP source code, i'd assume that the SVM ("client machine") uses DNS to locate the domain controller as per the following:




To locate domain controller (DC) hosting NC N, the client machine issues a DNS query for the SRV record _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.N, constructed from the NC name (N).


I don't have details on the status results but i'd also assume that "slow" referres to domain controllers that have been identified using a slow link detection algorthim based on ICMP.

Is there a particular issue you are trying to troubleshoot? If so i'd verfiy the AD sites and services configuration and site network link speeds.



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Re: What determines a AD DC discovered status

I would like to know this process too, because on few ONTAP 9 clusters, we've got strange behaviors with the discovered-servers status.

All of them are marked as Kerberos,MS-LDAP and MS-DC but only MS-DC seems to be "OK" the other one are all "Undetermined".

Re: What determines a AD DC discovered status


same issue here, most DCs are shown as "Undetermined".

Have you found a solution for this?



Re: What determines a AD DC discovered status

Undetermined means we haven't tried it yet or had a reason to attempt a connection to it. 

if we attempted  a connection and it didnt work it would show as unavailable. 


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