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What does "Found in scan" mean?

Hi,I'm new to Netapp,  


does anyone know the meaning of "found in scan"?  


is thai means the disk is broken?


and why there are some disks marked "prefail"?


what's the difference?



Thank you so much


Re: What does "Found in scan" mean?

Could you be more specific with the message? Are you referring to some errors from during a disk scrub? There are background tasks that frequently check the disks for any issues and will prefail the disk if there are serious issues. Pre-failing will trigger a copy to a spare and then the disk will be listed as broken and need to be replaced.


If you want further info, provide some of the outputs you are seeing.

Re: What does "Found in scan" mean?

I had 4 disks prefail (4a.101 , 4a.25 , 4c.41 , 0a.28) ,


        5 disks failed(4b.59 , , 4b.87 , 4b.108 , 4d.99 , 4d.52)


        4 disks unowned(0a.35 , 0a.25 , 0a.32 , 0a.16)


and 2 disks "found in scan" (4a.97 , 4b.23)

Re: What does "Found in scan" mean?

can you receive my outputs file ?

Re: What does "Found in scan" mean?

Do you have any spare disks? You can assign the not owned disks to one of the nodes to set as spares so the aggregates can try to reconstruct themselves. Do you have support with NetApp? One node looks like it is down as well, is there other hardware issues happening?

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