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What is the likely problem if the volume can't be seen by users?

As per topic


May i know is the error you are getting when you trying to access the CIFS share from windows machine ?


Did you check the following ?


  1. Name Resolution
  2. Authentication
  3. Permissions


Did the cifs worked before ? Or is this a new issue ?


Did you try to ping the storage controller from the windos server and vice versa ?


To check the authentication Can you go to Start-->Run--> \\<Storage_Controller_Name>


Also check the permission Start > Run > \\<Storage_System_Name>\Share 



Also remember the storage controller time and your windows machine time difference shouldn't be  more than 5mins


So use command DATE in Storage to check the controller time and also check the time in your windows and correct if there is any lapse.


Let us know trying out above 






If it is not in vcenter ..
How do we check.
Not a cluster mode

Window machine


Users don't see volumes, they see shares and/or exports.  


Check that the volume is online, the type is RW, the security style is correct (likely NTFS for a windows share), the junction path is not "-", and the junction path is active:

 show -vserver * -volume * -fields junction-path,state,security-style,type,junction-active

Check that cifs is up on the SVM (vserver) that owns the volume:

vserver cifs show

Check that the volume's junction path is shared, the share is browsable, and the ACL includes the user or a group to which they belong

vserver cifs share show

Check that the date and timezone are correct on the cluster



Check that the LIF the user is connecting to is up, and that the port it is currently homed on is correct

net int show -role data -fields curr-port,curr-node,address,netmask,status-oper

Verify that the time and date on the cluster and the domain controller(s) are all wihtin 5 minutes of each other


Verify that a DNS entry was created for the SVM's server name (as shown in the output of "vserver cifs show")


Verify the user can ping the SVM by ip and by name









I'm new, what's is the different between cifs share and nfs?
Is"t the different protocol use?




Yes its different protocols. CIFS used for windows and NFS for unix/linux. To make it simple are you trying to access the volume from Windows machine or linux/Unix machine?



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To understand your question better can you tell me if its CIFS shares or NFS?

If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.
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