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Dear friends, I need to create a SnapMirror between NetApp Release 7.3.4 and NetApp Release 8.2.2 Cluster-Mode, but when I try to create the snapmirror relation, I can't find the source filler (not part of the cluster and running Netapp 7.3.4).

What are the steps to achieve this? Is this possible?

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Re: SnapMirror

Snapmirror from 7-mode to clustered Data ONTAP is possible for transition purposesly only.  For details and procedures, see this document:

7-Mode Data Transition Using SnapMirror

Re: SnapMirror



Snapmiror from 7 to C is a transition data protection (TDP) . For this you must create peer transition relationship prior to establishing snapmirror. Refer to snapmirror data protection guide on how to create transition peer relationsip https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1196819



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Re: SnapMirror



Also note If your source 7-mode volume contains iSCSI or FCP luns, these cannot be transitioned to a Clustered Data Ontap SAN. You will see this error in the SAN log:

wafl.voltrans.lun.exists: Volume <Vol-Name> contains 7-Mode LUNs. It cannot be transitioned to Cluster-Mode.


You must manually copy the data or use an imaging software such as  Shadow Protect or Symantec Backup and Imaging Software  for example.

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