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With AFF Aggregates inline deup, will "volume show" reflect the space saving?


By default, AFF aggregates will enable inline dedup. 


The space usage shown as the result of "volume show" already discounted the space saving by aggregates inline dedup?





yes and no


If it is a thin volume yes (space guarantee none). If thick/encrypted, then no

"Only volumes with the space guarantee set to none can participate in aggregate-level inline deduplication. This is the default setting on AFF systems"


reference: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-vsmg%2FGUID-4D7038D7-F215-4A3C-AF6A-B7895AFA6A33.html&resultof=%22%61%67%67%7...


Also, you can confirm by your own using (volume show -vserver vs1 -volume VOLUME_NAME). It will show you space saving numbers




I understood that only thin volume can be saved by the aggregate inline deduplication. But, I just would want to make sure when I run "volume show", the space usage is already deducted off savings by the aggr inline dedup. 


"volume show.." command will show you Space saved by deduplication, for instance, but it didn't say that it is saved by the volume dedup, by the aggre dedup, or both. 


Make sense?


Okay. Space saved by Dedup from running "volume show" will not count in the savings by Aggregate inline dedup. 


But, if I run "volume show xxx -field used", the amount of "used" here is after savings by Aggregate inline dedup?


Sorry for my persistence. 

No problem, they are good questions. I cannot guarantee the correct answer for this, opening a support ticket would be the best option.


You could also test in your environment or using LOD


I would guess that used space under vol level considers only vol dedup savings, not cross-vol.

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