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alias in different subnet assigned to vfiler


I have a default ipspace and vlan configured on the interface, for example:


ifconfig vif-123 netmask partner vif-123 (this IP is configured on physical filer)


I have alias configured in different subnet and this IP is assigned to vfiler (in the same IP space)

ifconfig vif-123 alias netmask


Default GW in subnet is not reachable from physical filer.


This configuration has been working till reboot because alias wasn`t configured on the vfiler and in logs we found:


[?] Sat Jun 11 12:15:39 CEST [vfiler@filer: smbInit3: netinet.ethr.lookup.unsucc:debug]: ARP lookup failed: host is not on local network. Please verify netmask..
[?] Sat Jun 11 12:15:39 CEST [[vfiler@filer: smbInit3: netinet.ethr.unb.alcllinfo:debug]: arpresolve: Could not allocate llinfo

Is here a different subnet and the same ip space problem? Why the alias wasnt`t available after reboot? (we had to manually configure it).



Is the alias in the /etc/rc file? It sounds like it is but wasn't processed...also is the alias after the base interface vif-123 in the file?  Alias order is after the base interface and have seen that issue.. also sometimes routing is an issue but here it is the alias that wasn't created.. There is a chance this is a bug on parse of rc at boot since it does work manually after... I don't see any issue multihoming the interface on 2 subnets.. most use VLANs though to separate the traffic.


Thanks for reply.

Both were in /etc/rc in correct order.

I`m just wondering if the fact that first IP is configured on physical filer and alias on vfiler is the issue?

Yes, routing could go wrong...


One correct here


Default GW in subnet is not reachable from physical filer.


I didn`t mean default GW, I meant just router, there are many routes added on vfiler via router And this IP is not reachable from physical filer, because of course it is on different subnet as physical filer.