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We have an FAS8200 connected to a DS2246 shelf of 24 x 200GB SSDs.  When the system was initialized, ADP wasn't an option.  We are now going to be add ...read more
The documentation says   "The fast zeroing enhancement does not support systems upgraded from a release earlier than ONTAP 9.4."   is there a way to d ...read more
We've got an ageing IBM N6250, aka FAS3250 I think, running 7-Mode 8.2.1   We want to extract a lot of data from this filer using CIFS - we've got 200 ...read more
A Windows server 2016 has a drive mapped to a filer and after a week it disconnects.  Like clockwork, about every 7 days, and it happens every time so ...read more
Hi Hardware: FAS 2240-4 NetApp Release 8.2.4P6 7-Mode 24*1TB-SATA-Disks, FС 8G   Tell me where is the bottleneck for reading.Netapp disk system reads ...read more
We have aggr1_Node03 that contains 22 disks (with 2 hot spares).  Those disks are split into 2 RAID groups (each with 11 disks) and there are 2 parity ...read more
Hi   I have one FAS2050 with ontap 7.3.3 , need to migrate CIFS shares with permission to FAS2720 with ontap 9.6    Can anyone help to provide best wa ...read more
What is best way and steps to undertake preventive maintenance on NetApp Storage?
Hi,   Is there any Netapp or other tool to generate  generic workload performance report based on capacity (SAS & SSD) for FAS storage system .
Hi All,   I'm getting strange errors from DNS server   NTAP-clstr::> event log show -message-name secd.*Time Node Severity Event------------------- -- ...read more
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