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cDot LIF stats are zero in "send" direction




I have noticed that all "send_" counters are zero on data LIFs even if I'm possitive that data are there..


> statistics start -object lif -sample-id lif
(4min sample)
> statistics stop -sample-id lif
> statistics show -sample-id lif -counter recv_data|recv_packet|sent_data|sent_packet

Object: lif
Instance: prod:n01-exnet-100
Start-time: 3/9/2015 11:03:43
End-time: 3/9/2015 11:07:09
Cluster: c-1081809-649232

    Counter                                                     Value
    -------------------------------- --------------------------------
    recv_data                                                  1.34MB
    recv_packet                                                  8293
    sent_data                                                      0B
    sent_packet                                                     0

It seems that counts for all "data" LIFs are affected by this issue. For example, cluster interconnect is not affected. His LIFs have some non-zero counts.


I have the same problem for "lif" as well as "lif:vserver" object type. Again, only "data" vservers are affected. Per-volume counters siting behind the very same LIF show correct numbers.


Version: 8.2.2P2 Cluster-Mode


Is this behavior unexpected ? Can someone confirm that his send stats are working ?




Brano Zarnovican


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