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cifs traffic going out wrong interface


We just upgrade from 9.1  to 9.3 and with the removal of fastpath is what is causing the cifs traffic going out the wrong inteface. I tested this with the new tcpdump command I saw on our lif for cifs connections we only saw incoming traffic, and the outgoing traffic was showing on the management lif where the default route points too.  The suggestions from the kb are


Connect directly to the LIF associated with the port where the data is egressing
- This may require creating a new LIF depending on protocols supported by the existing LIF
Create a more specific route directly back to the client
- This will cause traffic to egress out the interface where the route points



I'm trying to figure out the best solution. Our nas network isolated, so you need to come out the same way you come in, since we have the cifs lif on that network. The traffic can come from multiple networks into that lif, so I can think of any routes tat would work. We tried chaning the default route to that nas network and create a second one with a  higher metric from management network that is routable


Any suggestions would be great, I work around for critical server of putting a second network address on any clients that is directly in that network and routing the traffic on that server through that second nic. That works but applying that to a few hunderd servers isn't the best option







Sorry, i think the description is not really clear (the terms clear, so as the statements, but not the goals). will need to see the LIFs and routes you currently have to suggest an actual action.


SVM's should have their own routing tables, Do you have a management interfaces for the data SVM? if so - why?

and why setting the default route to the data LIF and specific routes for the MGMT traffic didn't work?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK