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ONTAP Discussions

download a copy of the Ontap firmware running on FAS2050




How can i download a copy of the Ontap firmware running on FAS2050 in order to reinstall the system after a reset to factory default?






To access the latest versions of firmware and updates follow below links,



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I think i didn't explain well my needs.

I would like to backup the firmware that is currently running on my FAS2050 for reinstall after a reset to factory default.

Is this possible? If yes can anyone help me with this?


Thank you



you can backup certain folders with current firmware

- \\filer_name\c$\etc\disk_fw -> for disk firmware 

- \\filer_name\c$\etc\RLM_fw -> for RLM firmware

- \\filer_name\c$\etc\shelf_fw -> for shelf firmware

- \\filer_name\c$\etc\software ->  for current software installed on filer

do not remember location for system board firmware on 2050, was a long time ago, could be the software folder. 

PS - CIFS should be running in order to get access to these folders

and another thing is - i am pretty sure firmware will be not downgraded within factory reset process. What you will get is freshly installed DataONATP with zeroed drives. 



I knew that after a reset to factory default you need to re-install DataONTAP and all the licenses.




license account I can't download please help33.png



You likely see this as you don't have active NetApp contract assigned  to your user. you will need to provide NetApp via the feedback from a serialnumber of an in-contract device to be able to access downloads.

please note that software for product at their end of extended support are not available to download at all.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Why a 2050.. super old.. nothing from the 8.x code is supported on that



there is a download section on web site. 

You should have an account in order to get access to this secure area. And it depends on your account type as well. E.g. guest account, end customer etc.... 

Hope it helps 

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