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flow control settings on ifgrp and the underlying physical ports




Environment: cDOT 8.3GA on FAS8020HA

Could someone help me understand whether the traffic on ntap01-01:a0a has "full" flow control?


a0a is an ifgrp based on e0c and e0d which have flowcontrol set to none below.


It seems to me flowcontrol can only be set at the physical port level, not at ifgrp or VLAN levels (I don't see the options)?


ntap01::> network port show -fields node,port,mtu,flowcontrol-admin,flowcontrol-oper
node         port mtu  flowcontrol-admin flowcontrol-oper
------------ ---- ---- ----------------- ----------------
ntap01-01 a0a  9000 full              -
ntap01-01 e0M  1500 none              none
ntap01-01 e0a  9000 none              none
ntap01-01 e0b  9000 none              none
ntap01-01 e0c  9000 none              none
ntap01-01 e0d  9000 none              none
ntap01-01 e0e  9000 none              none
ntap01-01 e0f  9000 full              none


Thanks in advance for your help.





Please refer http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=691359 

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Thanks, Sahana.


Does that imply that vlan and ifgrp use the underlying physical ports' MTU, flow control, etc. values?






If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.


I am not seeing inheritance of the flow control.  I have flow control off on all underlying ports and the ifgrps are all at 'Full'  

We did not set this and the ports had flow control none from the start.



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