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how to implement export-policy rule for severals hostname


Hello Gents,


I need to set export-policy rules to allow severals hostnames to access to a qtree.

Do I need to create one rule per hostname or can i create one rule with all my hostnames in clientmatch field?


May you give me some exemples?


Thank you for your feedback





you create one policy containing several rules with the hostnames / IP.

Furthermore, you can only assign one policy per volume.


Don't use qtrees in new cDot volumes. They are no longer needed.

One exception are qtrees in the root volume to use it as a junction-path.




Hi Marcus,


Sorry for my late response.


About export policy rules: I need to authorize severals hostname to access to a volume. Theses hostnames are not in the same subnet.

Is there a way to add several hostname in one shot?


Why do you write this: Don't use qtrees in new cDot volumes. They are no longer needed


thanks for your help

Hi Pascal,


you just can add one IP/hostname per command.


I don't see a need to create qtrees, snapmirror is now a 1:1 relation, no longer (1:n)

You can group similar volumes with a dedicated junction-path or put a comment to the volume.



Version 8.0 from cDot was without qtrees 🙂