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snapmirror license


hi all ,

we used to have the trail license from netapp for snapmirror and we have did replication . the license long time back now expired and replication stopped . we have recently purchased the new license for snapmirror . what is the procedure to add the license . i.e do i have to remove the old one and add the new one or there is another way to do it perfectly



apppreciate you support people 🙂 


Re: snapmirror license


either or

Re: snapmirror license


lets assume i will  proceed with adding the new snapmirror license . 


what will be the next. should i start the replicatipon again or use the update command . 


what is the best 

Re: snapmirror license

If you still have common snapshots between source and destination, you can try update or (if it fails) resync which will always work. If all snapshots are aged off, you need to rebaseline.
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