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iSCSI on Windows Server 2016


I have three node  HyperV Windows Server 2016 Cluster that are usng iSCSI to a FAS 8040. I have the initiator group setup and the iSCSI initiator in Windows is configured to see the two luns. One lun is for the quroum and the other lun is for data. During a reboot, the storage appears to be connected but in reality it is not which results in the clsuter crashing. The only way to get the cluster to come back online is to have the luns owned by host 1. I have looked that logs on both sides but not seeing any errors. Is there another log file i should be looking at or a setting that needs to be applied.







Which Data ONTAP version is in use?

When you say "during reboot" did you mean reboot of the windows host or the storage controller?

Does your igroup have entries for all three windows initiators or only one?

How did you figure out that "the storage appears to be connected but in reality it is not" ? Any command outputs ?

Please post more info which you think is relevant and would be helpful in troubleshooting.



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