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ifgrp favor per vlan?


I would like to load balance 4 ethernet ports between two switches.  e4a and e4b connect to switch A; e5a and e5b connect to switch B.  vlan 10 traffic should go to switch A, and vlan 20 should go to switch B, with each switch backing up the other.


The following configuration will send traffic to the correct switch:


ifgrp create single vif0 e4a e5a

ifgrp favor e4a

ifgrp create single vif1 e4b e5b

ifgrp favor e5b

vlan create vif0 10

vlan create vif1 20


But this leaves e4b and e5a unutilized during normal operation.


I'm thinking something like this would be better (with appropriate etherchannel config on switches):


ifgrp create lacp vif1 -b ip e4a e4b

ifgrp create lacp vif2 -b ip e5a e5b

ifgrp create single vif0 vif1 vif2

vlan create vif0 10 20


But I would need to configure vif0-10 to favor vif1 and vif0-20 to favor vif2.  Switches do this with per-vlan spanning tree priority, and VMware has per-portgroup active/standby configuration, but I'm not finding any way to do this with 7-mode.


Is this possible?


I appreciate any suggestions (including something completely different!)


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