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igroup add: Cluster partner could not be reached, interconnect may be down - Help


So LONG story short, we have a 2240-4 system where the two systems were sharing the disks. We want Controller A to own all disk. I did a initialize and zero on Controller B not realizing that you cannot make changes to Controller A while B is being zeroed. I started the wipe about 2 hours ago but they are 2TB SATA disks so I am sure I have a long time to go.


I tried to add an initiator to an iGroup on Controller A and got this error. I let's me create igroups but not add initiators.


Here is the error:


igroup add: Cluster partner could not be reached, interconnect may be down



Any options here?


OnTap 8.1.1 7-Mode



You should remove the "cluster" license on the remaining node (since you won't be usin it anymore if you transition to a single system) and reboot the filer. That way it will "forget" that it is a HA pair. You might even get a slight performance boost, since the NVRAM can be used completely by that one node instead of having to be shared with the other node. Then, pull the second controller from the chassis for a few centimeters so that it doesn't confuse the surviving node ("I am not a cluster but I keep seeing another controller installed?!?")


You should be able to force add the initiators, it doesn't like to add without talking to the partner in case there is duplication, but if you know cluster B doesn't have that initiator in use, then you can override.


Is Cluster B down completely? If you want to maintain HA, Cluster B will require a few disks to create an aggregate for a root volume (vol0).


This is HA Pair in 7 Mode -- Yes, Controller A is up and ready to rock. Controller B is still wiping and initializing.


How do I force add initiators on Controller A?


Use "-f" with the igroup add command.


Awesome! Any way to run System Manager in "force" mode or should everything else work with Controller B still zeroing?

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