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moving from 7 mode to cluster mode


I have an 8.1 7mode 2240 system in my lab. Can someone point me to documentation on how to switch over to c mode? I dont have any data to migrate. I wasnt sure if it had to come from the factory in c mode or if i could wipe the config and start fresh in cluster mode.



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I believe 2240 is a supported system under CMODE.

You might want to run it through the compatibility matrix to be 100% sure your config is supported: 


They system did not nescessarily have to come from the factory pre-loaded with CMODE.  I believe brand new systems give you an option upon first boot if they are not pre-configured.

If you have a NOW account, I would launch the My AutoSupport utility and run the Transition Advisor to make sure there are no caveats.

I would also strongly recommend that you read the 8.2 CMODE release notes and documentation:


As you stated, you have no data to migrate and this is a lab environment.  If you do not care about any existing data, then wipe the system clean and install in CMODE.

Again..if you have a NOW account and your system is registered, you can download the best version of OnTap that your system supports.




Which version of ontap is currently running on the storage systems? If it is ONTAP 8x in 7 mode, you may directly convert to cluster mode. Please note that this procedure will wipe off all the data on the disks. If you have critical data on the system, you may have to follow proper migration procedures. From your post, what I understand is that you are planning a "CLEAN cmode install" meaning that there is no critical data involved? If so, please see the following KB article that describes the procedure.



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Not able to see the KB article anymore. Please post the updated KB