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ndmpcopy from (SnapVaulted) snapshot


I was able to copy files from snapshot to new RW volume with ndmpcopy command:

secondary> ndmpcopy /vol/backup/.snapshot/hourly.3/nfs/my-original-vm /vol/infra/nfs/my-copied-vm

/vol/backup is a vault on secondary netapp fas system for snapvault.

Then I exported /vol/infra/nfs over nfs and mounted it on a ESXi 5.1 host from the secondary storage.

But all the copied files are inaccessible for changing and for renaming. I believe the same issue will be introduced with SnapMirror.

How to make them writable and why they are RO in new RW volume?

Here is the error message on ESXi while I'm trying to rename or remove one of the copied files:



Re: ndmpcopy from (SnapVaulted) snapshot


nfs was exported incorrectly. it is not an issue with snapshots/snapvault/snapmirror.

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