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ndmpd not found after reset Netapp 7.3




I met problem here. Due to hd failure, i replace new ones, the re-initlize the disk and reset netapp.


But after system start, i found that, ndmpd command is missing, i can't figure it out, could anyone give me some suggtions on it?  Thank you!





nas> options ndmpd
ndmpd.access                 all
ndmpd.authtype               challenge
ndmpd.connectlog.enabled     off
ndmpd.ignore_ctime.enabled   off
ndmpd.offset_map.enable      on
ndmpd.password_length        16
ndmpd.preferred_interface    e0a
ndmpd.tcpnodelay.enable      off
nas> ndmpd
ndmpd not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands



Maybe NDMP disabled ? run ndmpd on and try again ?

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What is exactly “reset NetApp” means? Explain what you did.


Following are what i did after replace HD. i found what you mean the 4a here.


1.During boot, press ctrl +c

Press CTRL-C for special boot menu

(1)  Normal boot.
(2)  Boot without /etc/rc.
(3)  Change password.
(4)  Initialize owned disks (4 disks are owned by this filer).
(4a) Same as option 4, but create a flexible root volume.
(5)  Maintenance mode boot.

Selection (1-5)?

2. Then select 4, initialize disks.

3. After system normal start, run command "setup", then do a setup follow the prompt.

nas> setup
The setup command will rewrite the /etc/rc, /etc/exports,
/etc/hosts, /etc/hosts.equiv, /etc/dgateways, /etc/nsswitch.conf,
and /etc/resolv.conf files, saving the original contents of
these files in .bak files (e.g. /etc/exports.bak).
Are you sure you want to continue? [yes]


To repeat my asnwer - now you need to update to the same version (using "software install" or "software update") to fill in content of root volume. If you have NFS/CIFS access you can in principle simply unpack installation image, it should be enough.


Thank you!


i will have a try. But not sure if i can download the software.

Assuming you performed 4(a) from special boot menu, you now need to update to the same version to fill in root volume content. After 4(a) root volume is empty.


sorry, what do you mean by "4(a)"?  you mean it need some more steps after reset netapp to use ndmpd? Thank you.


Maybe NDMP disabled ? run ndmpd on and try again ?

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 nas>ndmpd on
ndmpd not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands

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