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snapmirror data transfer remains checks


Hello netapp expert

is there’s any way to find out the exact amount of the data what will be transfer in running snapmirror relationship. Just like snapmirror progress monitor. But it’s not working for clutser mode. Can someone bring the way to find out by tools or script or any other commands which bring the actual amount of data that will transfer in snapmirror transferring state?






You can check the amount that it is being transferred during the update of the snapmirror by running the command below:

snapmirorr show -destination-path <vserver:volume> -instance

Source Path: vserver1:vol1
Destination Path: vserver2:vol1_dest


Total Progress:  --  Total amount of data transferred for the current transfer operation

Last Transfer Size: -- Total amount of data transferred during the previous transfer operation if it was successful.

Total Transfer Bytes:-- Cumulative bytes transferred for the relationship.


If you are looking for the amount data that is going to be transferred during a snapmirror; it is not something that you will be able to show as the snapmirror is taken using a snapshot that is created during the snapmirror operation to replicate to the destination.




Thanks , But i am looking only same to snapmirror process monitor which displays the actual what i am looking for. so far i did all internet reached but nothing has found which has the base way to know the amount which is remain to be transfer.


As snapmirror use the snapshots to replicate the changes but if i compare source and destination snapshot by vol snapshot show-delta that does not even close the result.  so this is rare checks but still looking if anyone did the script which tells the exact amount and time same as SMPM in 7 mode i tried to use the same tool for ontap 9 but it is not supported..