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snapmirror quiesce *




I am preparing for an upgrade of CDOT from 8.3.2 to 8.3.2P9. I want to quiesce all SM relationships. Is it simply by running


snapmirror quiesce *


and then


snapmirror resume *



What did you guys do in this scenario?


I don't understand why NetApp did not make this easier in CDOT, compared to 7-mode


How about deduplication what is your experience?


Re: snapmirror quiesce *


Before considering going to 8.3.2P1, I would highly suggest reviewing 9.1p1.  Lots of more features.



Re: snapmirror quiesce *


The safest approach is to just follow the procedure outlined in your upgrade advisor report:


(a) Determine the destination path for each SnapMirror relationship using the command:
snapmirror show
(b) For each destination volume, enter the following command to allow existing SnapMirror transfers to finish.
snapmirror quiesce -destination-path destination
If there are no active transfers for the SnapMirror relationship, this command sets its status to Quiesced . If the relationship has active transfers, the status is set to Quiescing until thetransfer is completed, and then the status becomes Quiesced
(c) Verify that all SnapMirror relationships are quiesced:
snapmirror show -status !Quiesced
This command displays any SnapMirror relationships that are not quiesced.
(d) If any SnapMirror relationships are currently transferring, do one of the following options:
(i) Wait for the transfers to complete before performing the Data ONTAP upgrade.
(ii) Stop the transfers by entering the following command:
snapmirror abort -destination-path destination -h


If you have dedupes running, I'd issue a:


volume efficiency show -vserver * -op-status Active


And then just issue a stop command on any active processes.  Deduplication is opportunistic and will chew through CPU and such which isn't necessarily a good thing during an NDU.


Hope that helps,


(BTW - the previous comment about going to 9.1P2 is spot on - lots of good stuff in 9+)




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