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SRA 4.0 (why an SRA .ova server install?)


In reading the new storage replication document it talks about downloading the SRA and .ova for SRA server. What is the SRA server?


I am planning on using the 6.5 vCenter VCSA linux applicance. Along with 6.5 SRM installed on windows, which is where I am used to installing the net app SRA. But am questioning what the .ova & "SRA server" is?






Re: SRA 4.0 (why an SRA .ova server install?)


I believe the SRA Server is a replacement for the VASA appliance. I think they're trying to wrap it all up under one appliance so that it supports all kind of advanced featuers and what not.


I'm in the process of attempting an SRA upgrade from 2.1 to 4.0 in a testing environment and having issues. Unfortunately, the documenation for this new mess isn't very verbose and there's little community info out there at this point.

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