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ssh stopped working

i have a netapp N series 7.3.2 ontap , ssh suddenly stopped working. i get the ssh login prompt and as soon as i enter the password it freezes and nothing happens.

Did anybody face this issue?


Re: ssh stopped working

Try the RLM - or are you sure no one else is on it?

Can you ssh from linux or are you using putty.. 

Re: ssh stopped working

i am connected using a serial cable now.

I am using putty which is not working.

I am the only administrator and hence i assume nobody is loged in

Re: ssh stopped working

In Putty is Serial marked? Is speed set to 9600?

You could also try hyper terminal. Here are the settings.

Also, once consoled in hit enter a few times. Do you get a prompt? If not, worst case is the filer is unresponsive. Are you still serving data? Is there a partner node? If you log into the partner is the system in takeover? Which port are you plugging into?


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