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using different snapshot schedules rather than daily or weekly?




We are running 7 - Mode 8.2.3P3

I have a volume which is snapmirrored to a DR filer and then we snapvault from there to another volume to create longer retentions.


For one of the volumes I want to create a snapshot every quarter rather than once a week however there isnt granuality to do this. Whether I look at the basic or advanced schedules, the best I can do is create one snapshot a week, this is too often.


I am using OCUM to create the snapvault schedules.


Can I create a snapvault relationship which will say allow me to do a snapshot every quarter or every 6 months say? This will be ideal as it means we wont need to keep as many snapshots filling up the storage and we dont require one very often.


Has the granuality changed in future version of snapvault e.g. in cDOT or is it much the same?


Any advice would be most appreicated.





You could achieve this with a powershell script run as a scheduled task in windows. 




I am not really knowledgeable with scripting however I know a bit of basic scripting as I have used Powershell/vCLI for our VMware administration. 


Is there a script that is available that I could look at?


I am assuming the script would need to run of our FAS Windows Management server or would this run of the serve where VSC is installed? 



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