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How to migrate snapmirror destination volumes from FC to SAS aggregate


System = 7-mode, 8.2.3P2, FAS8040


We need to replace the FC shelves. We will be adding SAS disk shelves to the 7 mode system to replace the FC shelves. The FC disks are currently being used for snapmirror destination volumes.


What is the best way to acomplish the volume migration from FC to SAS? I found KB ID: 3011714 that advice to use snapmirror cascade.


What about vol move? Can I just use vol move once the SAS aggr is create to move the volume from FC to SAS aggregate if the SAS disks are on the same controller?


Thank you for your time!





If you have VSM, just snapmirror from old destination to new destination and then resync from source to new destination. You can also do incremental updates between old to new destinations to decrease cutover time as usual.


vol move will probably work, but I have never used it for this; it has no real advantage over cascaded snapmirror.


If you are using QSM, it is still possible, there is KB describing how to migrate QSM destination. In essence it is the same but there could be some subtle differences in handling; do not remember right now.




You should be able to use vol move, personally I prefer this if just moving volumes from one aggregate to another. 


You will need to break the snapmirror relationship to proceed with the vol move otherwise you will see an error.


vol move start 'volume name' 'destination aggregate name' 


you can monitor the progress of the move using snapmirror status (to see how much has transferred) or vol move status.