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vfiler nfs exports management


am assuming that the best way to manage nfs exports is to directly modify the exports file ?

or did i miss something ?


Re: vfiler nfs exports management


Yep, that is correct. Setup CIFs on the vFiler and simply map a drive to the etc$ folder and modify the exports file.  You can also perform the same command line NFS exportfs functions by either using vfiler run <vfiler name> <command> or vfiler context to enter into the vfiler prompt.

Re: vfiler nfs exports management


I also use rdfile and wrfile a lot from vfiler0.  Not officially supported, but an easy way to edit if getting host access isn't easy or if you only have console access.  And then backup with snapshots or mv commands.  Hopefully we get a gui some day into this...it isn't in the beta of nsm 2.0 so hopefully 2.0.1 or 2.1 adds gui management of vfilers (hint hint to any product managers reading this ).

priv set advanced

rdfile /vol/vfiler1_root/etc/exports   # copy the contents

mv /vol/vfiler1_root/etc/exports    /vol/vfiler1_root/etc/exports.ccyymmdd   # backup.. and/or "snap create"

Edit the file in vi or wordpad..

wrfile /vol/vfiler1_root/etc/exports  # paste and ctrl-c when done

exportfs -av

priv set

Re: vfiler nfs exports management


And there is always

exportfs -p <options> <path>

which can be run on the vfiler from the console or from the physical filer with vfiler run.

The -p makes it persistent. and exports it.

Re: vfiler nfs exports management


Thank you for communities

Re: vfiler nfs exports management


You can't use rdfile on volumes. rdfile command only used to view files inside the directory.

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