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vol move question




In order to move a volume to a different aggregate, the capacity on target is based on nominal size of volume or used size of volume (commited)?


I have a volume with 4TB (used 2TB) on FAS8060 and I tried to migrate that volume to aggr_data on AFF8080 with 3TB available, but the aggregate doesn´t show in System Manager as a valid one.


Volume is configured with Thin Provisioning. 


Can you clarify if there any way to accomplish this move?


Regards, Rafael.



HI Rafeal -


I've found that situation also when creating LUNs on volumes that the absolute size is used to determine "fit" even if everything is thin with autogrow defined.  It's a protection mechanism really - there is a workaround which forces you to take affirmative action that demonstrates you understand what you are doing.  A reasonable compromise.


The workaround is simple enough - cheat (sort of).  Your volume is 4TB, 2TB used, thin.  Destination aggregate has 3TB available space (don't forget to leave some room of course).  So set your volume to something like 2.75TB, move it, change it back.


To stress again - this workaround assumes you understand all the consequences of using the workaround.  If the destination aggregate only has 3TB available, be sure to account for free space overhard before you move.  Be sure you understand the implications of over provisioning this aggregate in your particular use case.  All the usual caveats for storage allocation apply. 




I hope this helps you.


Bob Greenwald

Senior Systems Engineer | cStor

NCIE SAN ONTAP, Data Protection




Kudos and accepted answers are always appreciated.


check the following.



::> vserver show -vserver svm01

if the destination aggr is not listed in List of Aggregates Assigned




::> vserver show -vserver svm01

                                    Vserver: svm01
                               Vserver Type: data
                            Vserver Subtype: default
                               Vserver UUID: 4409fe3d-63ae-11e5-8bc5-123478563412
                                Root Volume: svm01_root
                                  Aggregate: aggr01_SAS
                                 NIS Domain: -
                 Root Volume Security Style: ntfs
                                LDAP Client: -
               Default Volume Language Code: C.UTF-8
                            Snapshot Policy: default
                               Quota Policy: default
                List of Aggregates Assigned: aggr2_SATA,
 Limit on Maximum Number of Volumes allowed: unlimited
                        Vserver Admin State: running
                  Vserver Operational State: running
   Vserver Operational State Stopped Reason: -
                          Allowed Protocols: cifs, ndmp
                       Disallowed Protocols: nfs, fcp, iscsi
            Is Vserver with Infinite Volume: false
                           QoS Policy Group: -
                                Config Lock: false
                               IPspace Name: Default

add the new_aggr using following command.


::> vserver modify -vserver svm01 -aggr-list aggr2_SATA,aggr01_SAS,new_aggr