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I have to use the Get-NaVolOption command to retrieve the parameters of a volume.
I would like to know the description of each of the parameters that contains the command output. The output is {volume-options-list-info}. Where can I find all the documentation that describes what they are for example:
If I run the Get-Help command it tells me that:
without telling me what the output properties and their possible values are.





This is for cDot (nc) but the logic is same for 7-mode (na).

Get-NaVol or GetNcVol = Gives the meta-data paremeters for the volume, such as state,size,available etc

Get-NaVolOptions or GetNcVolOptions = Gives different settings that are available to a volume such as gurantee,nosnap,fractional reserve etc.



PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-NcVol -Volume vol_name

Name State TotalSize Used Available Ddupe Aggregate Vserver
---- ----- --------- ---- --------- ------ -------- -------
vol_name online 1.0 GB 5% 966.1 MB False agg_name svm_name


PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-NcVolOption -VserverContext svm_name -Name vol_name

Name NcController Value
---- ------------ -----
actual_guarantee volume
convert_ucode on
create_ucode on
dr_force_nvfail off
effective_guarantee volume
extent off
fractional_reserve 100
fs_size_fixed off
guarantee volume
ignore_inconsistent off
max_write_alloc_blocks 0
maxdirsize 251658
minra off
no_atime_update off
no_i2p off
nosnap off
nosnapdir off
nvfail off
read_realloc off
root false
schedsnapname create_time
snapmirrored off
snapshot_clone_dependency off
try_first volume_grow

I don't know how to get the same info pulled from Get-Na/NcHelp command, help only ouputs the 'API' info used for that PowerShell command.

Take a look at this, if you find the info you are looking for.




I look for the documentation that describes each of the options that are obtained by making a Get-NaVolOption.



While not specific to the PSTK, this link to the manual page for the volume family of commands (below) will show you a description of the volume options and list their possible values. 




For example, the "create_ucode" option: 


create_ucode on | off

Setting this option to on forces UNICODE format directories to be created by default, both from NFS and CIFS. By default, it is set to off, in which case all directories are created in pre-4.0 format, and the first CIFS access will convert it to UNICODE format. The default setting is off.