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wafl_reclaim_threshold vs grow-threshold-percent


In 7-mode, you can go into priv set diag mode and configure the wafl_reclaim_threshold flag to determine when autogrow for a volume kicks in (different percentages for different volume sizes).


In cluster mode, the volume autosize command includes a -grow-threshold-percent options which allows you to set the value for when autogrow will kick in on a per-volume basis.  My question is twofold:


1. What does -grow-threshold-percent default to when enabling AutoGrow in System Manager?  Is it the same amounts as was used in 7 mode systems?

2. Does the wafl_reclaim_threshold flag still apply in cluster mode?  If so, are the values the same or have they changed?


Re: wafl_reclaim_threshold vs grow-threshold-percent



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