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BMC Patrol integration with filer snmp traps MIB


We are having some issues trying to integrate the snmp traps the filers are sending to a customer’s monitoring application, BMC Patrol.


The idea is to monitor all support issues of the filers via Patrol.  Patrol will inform the client if a part needs to be sent on site and if a Netapp support engineer has to come on site.


To do this we have created a list of possible OIDs that will need an engineer on site, parts to be replaced or other cases. The thing is that the traps that are sent out to Patrol do not include the OID, but just the issue description, the serial number and the filer name.  Since the problem description is in a generic text format, the people using BMC cannot break down the description field to a specific error. We would have to put all description fields into a table and assign an alert level to every one of them, and find some way of including things like different disc names, shelf ids, etc… which is not practical.


There are about 80+ filers at the customer site, and we would like to find an easy solution to this.


Possible solutions:

Is it possible to modify all MIBs so that all the traps send out its own OID (to reference the list we created)?

Is it possible to modify all MIBs so that the traps send out more information than just the default variables?

Does anyone have experience in integrating our MIBs into BMC Patrol that can give some pointers on the integration or has documentation on the integration?

Does BMC patrol have a way to query the filers to get the information we need?