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FAS2040 :: Right way to replace a shelf + max raw capacity and drive specs


Hi there,


We're planning to buy a new Shelf to replace two older ones (DS4243 with 24 1 TB disks and DS4246 with 24 1 TB disks) on a FAS2040.


I want to buy a DS4246 with 24 4TB disks.



Now, there's a problem:


The System Specs tells me that only 136TB total raw size capacity is supported.

Currently we have 60 (12 + 24 + 24) * 1 TB drives installed.


When I add now a DS4246 with 24 4TB disk, the maximum raw capacity has exceeded (12 + 24 + 24) * 1TB + 24 * 4 TB = 156 TB).


The I've read the max raw capacity depends on the used ONTAP version (136TB max raw capacity for 7.3 & >400 TB for 8.1).

We have ONTAP 8.1


Now, I'm really confused....



Here are my questions:


1. How much is the real max raw capacity and  max disk count on a FAS2040(1 controller) with Data Ontap 8.1 (7-Mode)?

2. Can I add the shelf to the existing loop, migrate the current data onto a new aggregate and then remove the older shelves?

3. The FAS2040 has only one SAS port, so a "loop degration" will definitely have an impact. Do I lose a formerly created aggregate (the new one from the 24 4TB shelf), when I break the loop, remove the older shelves and replug the shelf (the one with 24 4TB disks) to the FAS2040?


Thanks for an reply,




You can find max capacity and disk count in HWU. You can add new shelf online and migrate data to new aggregate but you will need downtime to remove old shelf (and may need downtime to switch access to new copy as well).