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FAS2552 / Shelf 2246 Attention LED on


Hi ...


I have an installation of FAS2552 with a Shelf 2246.

We configured this system in a small FlexPod, using Cisco Nexus 3048 and Cisco UCS Servers C240M3.

The system is working OK, but I the Attention LED in Shelf is ON.

I was checking the documentation related to this alert, after that I checked the infrastructure:  Nexus configuration (vPC), interfaces, etc ...   but I don't see the cause.

Is there any way to turn off the attentio led ?

How could I verify the problem related ?


I'll appreciate any suggestion.



How "show_faults" and "fru_led status" shows? Both commads are availabe in diag mode in 7-mode or nodeshell of Clustered Data ONTAP? Also check if any abnormal status are reported in " environment status".
If you have an access to SP, "events all" in SP CLI may give you some clue.
These collection should be done on both controller A and B.


Thanks ... 


I used the SP console and "system node run -node XXXX" to see the events and alarms.

I don't see any error but I still have the LEDs on (FAS2552 and 2246).


Any suggestion ?


It is hard  for me to track fault events in "events all", too many suspicious events here.
Can you collect "show_faults" and "fru_led status" on cluster shell like below?

cluster::> set diag
cluster::*> system node run -node * show_faults
cluster::*> system node run -node * fru_led status
cluster::*> set admin

Fault LED sometimes stay on even after fault state get cleared.

 If no error is reported in "show_faults" and no FRU LED is on, clear LED and check if LED become on again.


cluster::> set diag
cluster::*> system node run -node node fru_led off all
cluster::*> set admin



Thanks for your help.

We are checking the disk.

I could see all LEDs off following the commands before.

The only issue is a new warning related to Aggregate used in 88%.


Is there any way to configure the threshold of this warning to other value ( 90% ) and how we can off this warning ?


Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, this threshould is not configurable.